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“We are excited by what happens when curves intersect lines, influences meld together, and people are not thought of as one or the other, but as one and all.”

The eyes of the public have grown accustomed to the flashy patterns, bold colors, and varied textures of modern sneakers. Balenciaga’s Triple S sneakers, for example, created a huge trend in the chunky and bright “Dad Sneaker.” This has completely changed what industry-dominant sneaker brands, such as Nike and Adidas, are selling. As a result, these companies have curated the majority of their sneakers toward this trend, ultimately leaving people who aren’t looking for a complicated shoe struggling to find something that fits their own tastes.

THEY NEW YORK, brings the simplicity and minimalism back to the modern sneaker. Founded by siblings Jack & Angela Lin, the company captures just as much, if not more, character and power through its clean lines and neutral colors. Grounded in practicality and sophistication, THEY aims to design a sneaker that anyone can wear anywhere, hence the name of the brand. Angela explains that THEY’s sneakers “can be worn at any occasion by both genders and still look effortlessly chic and stylish,” distinguishing it from other brands that have taken on contemporary trends that seemingly come and go.

The inspiration for THEY’s shoes stems from the work of architect Tadao Ando, graphic designer Kenya Hara, and artist Kzimir Malevich, who all focus on the intersections of geometric shapes and negative space. In addition, Jack states that “the ideas developed during the German Bauhaus movement influenced a lot of contemporary Japanese design, which results in them sharing a lot of the same values. The marriage between the two styles served as perfect basis for the designs for THEY.” The clean lines and complementary values between Bauhaus philosophy and Japanese minimalism embedded in THEY’s sneakers call for an inarguably powerful and thoughtful sneaker.

THEY’s power through design and craftsmanship has certainly created an eye-catching piece. The sneakers are made in small quantities to ensure the highest quality, and the Italian Nappa leather that makes up the body of the shoe creates a sleek, appealing look for all. The brand also takes up an unconventional approach to sneaker-crafting. Traditionally, the upper and the sole are crafted separately, then combined afterward; but THEY stresses that the upper and sole of their sneakers are stitched together first, creating the ever so seamless shape.

To any eye, THEY stands out due to the complementing geometric style and silhouette of the shoe. The monochrome palette makes it easy for anyone, with any closet, to integrate the sneaker into their everyday fashion. It can certainly be dressed up or down, and certainly holds the capability to amplify outfits of all sorts. THEY NEW YORK’s meticulous approach on design simplifies what it takes for a sneaker to be a statement piece, effectively creating an iconic sneaker worthy of belonging in every contemporary closet.

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