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Student Style Highlight: Emma

By Valerie Tseng

“I love your earrings!”

“They’re my roommate’s!” I say proudly,

And I know that to them

all these earrings

Are just

Golden stars dangling from my ears

Copper pearls sparkling through my hair

They do not know that the real star

That the real sparkle

Is my roommate, Emma.

My roommate Emma and her clothes

My roommate Emma is bursting with life.

Our closet sees it all.

Her flowy floral dresses-

Big pink flowers and delicate blue daisies paint pictures

On her dresses of

Picnics in the sunny Quint

And a Sunday in the chapel with

A thousand of our sisters

Her summery dresses-

They are carefree, like she is,

They remind me of

Her throaty laughter, floating through our open window.

Her cozy comfort collection

Oversized hoodies, declaring her love of

East Coast beach-towns

Well-worn sweatshirts, a display of her passion of

Swimming and crew and Wellesley College

They remind me of

Warm hugs when we cross paths

Of the Carhartt beanies on her head

When she wakes before the sun to row on the Charles

She is a hoodie in human form, comfort in a foreign home.

She is her red fuzzy jacket on a cold autumn night.

Her plaid print dresses and striped sweaters,

Porcupine socks, chunky cardigans,

Spill the story of a girl in love with

her life, and her big, big, earrings.

“I love your earrings!”

Oh I wish they could see

How the polka dot patterns dance with the plaid

And the summery dresses spin storms

With the slouchy soft sweaters

Instead they only see these earrings earrings earrings

But I wish they knew:

They are my roommate Emma’s,

And she is bursting with light.

And our closet is full of clothes

That tell the stories of

Her well-lived life.

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