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Modesty vs. Provocativity: Bella

By Bella Stewart

The red of my lips.

The slit of my tits

That tiny bit of shoulder I slip

I am unashamed, but it is a shame

That the world sexualize my nudity

why should I feel this crudity ?

I am one person

You can’t break me into parts

My booty

My boobs

My hair

My makeup

I am one body.

And It is MY body. mine only.

I will Flaunt, I will swing, I will reveal as much

As I want to be.

And it’s not really the boys

It’s the girls who judge the most

How dare you. How dare you

Pull up my pants

Tighten my bra strap

Look me up and down

So I will just let it be free

I’ll show my skin

Cuz I’m not really asking

Not asking for you to fuck me.

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