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Bb queers:

a photojournalistic project

by: Holland Rhodd-Lee ‘19 and Mary-Anne Ospina ‘19

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bb Queers, a concept created and executed by QTPOCC and blackOUT, is a photojournalism project highlighting the experiences and journeys of LGBTQIA+ students at Wellesley. Through video, photography, and written submissions, bb Queers reveals some of the intersectionalities within queer/trans identities. W. Collective has highlighted some of the photos and quotes collected through this project. If you are interested in learning more about bb Queers, their exhibition in Jewett is up until Friday! 


“I think i conceptualized my identity by asserting my androgyneity, being comfortable acting in a more "masculine" manner no matter how feminine my physical presentation was.”

“I so wish that health classes taught about gender dysphoria and the differences between it and just being uncomfortable with your body as it changes.”


“I'm very grateful that my family is as loving and accepting as they are.”

“I was kind of pinned as a weird kid from a young age. I don't mind though- it’s just the way I exist and I can't help it.”


“Was I staring at scantily clad women cause I was attracted to them? Didn't everyone think women were attractive like that? Am I gay or is society's hyper sexualized portrayal of women just fucking with me?”

“a lot of the people that influenced me at a young age were of older age (usually college or high school) and in a very Korean-dedicated sphere, it's easy to know when you're not of the norm.”


“I learn more and more about my identity every day so there's always more for me to 'come out' about.”

“My relationship with my parents has been really open, especially as I've matured into myself and my identity.”


“I like to think of my queerness as something that helps makes me, me and I think that has been true since I first conceptualized it in middle school.”

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